The LUMS Daycare Centre strives to provide employees with loving and secure care for their children. LUMS recognises the challenges faced by working parents regarding childcare. Therefore, by having a daycare centre in the facility we hope to relieve our employees of their concern for children during their hours of work. The staff members at the LUMS Daycare Centre are trained in early childhood development so they understand each child’s needs and nurture his growing skills accordingly.

The LUMS Daycare Handbook provides clear guidelines that help parents understand the rules and regulations for this service. To facilitate parents in making the right decision, we have a three-day trial period, free of charge, so they can properly assess daycare staff and the facility. Please note that the Human Resource Department (HRD) at LUMS processes all enrollments and deals with all queries, issues, and grievances regarding the Daycare Centre. Parents are requested to approach HRD for all issues before contacting the Centre.