Officer - Procurement

Job Description

Monday, November 30, 2020

Performing the complete procurement task starting from PR to preparation of GRN.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Perform the whole process of market purchases through available resources.
  • Submit the progress report of completed tasks and take advice (if necessary) on current issues beyond his jurisdiction or unable to perform due to any reason.
  • Act upon the advices/decisions taken by higher authorities for specific/general matters.
  • Ensure the documentation records of all processes need to be documented with the concerned person.  
  • Collect information about the required items through available means of communication. (Like telephone, Fax, Internet, Trade directories and visiting the supplier)
  • Float price inquires to the suppliers through available sources of communication or visiting the supplier.
  • Visit market for purchase or time to time for general survey.
  • Coordinate between user and supplier to ensure the fulfillment of requirements of user department.   
  • Verify the contents of Purchase Order in respect of calculation of price and terms and condition.
  • Follow up the purchase order till the delivery of items and invoices of supplier.
  • Visit market for cash/credit petty purchases and for inquiries.
  • Receive cash for petty cash purchases from Finance department and submit the account on fortnightly basis for the re-imbursement of the approved cash.
  • Create RFQ’s in SAP.
  • Create Purchase orders in SAP by adapting the approved PR’s from user HOD and budget.

This is not an exhaustive list of responsibilities associated with the job. The supervisor may assign additional tasks as deemed necessary.

Travel/Work Schedule/Work Environment:

Work hours may extend into the evenings and weekends to accommodate deadlines or events. During the Covid-19 situation, you may be allowed to work from home, which will require you to create a suitable work environment for yourself (internet connectivity, an environment that supports your productivity at home per your own preferences and working style, setting your own work-hours, etc.)

Note: Please mention "Officer - Procurement" in the email subject for your application to be considered.

  • Accounting
  • Documentation
  • Good networking
  • Good analytical abilities
  • Customer focussed and quality conscious
  • Time management
  • Reasonable computer skills


  • Integrity
  • Accountable
  • Committed with high energy
  • Assertive
  • Pleasant
  • Diplomatic
  • Team player
Bachelor's (Hons.) or Master's degree from an HEC recognized university

Administration/ Procurement experience

Freshly qualified /1-2 years of relevant area. 1. Proven working experience for the procurement of electrical and mechanical parts will be a plus.
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Note: “We are an equal employment opportunity employer”