Officer - General Administration & Services

Job Description

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

To manage and handle different general admin & security related issues

Main Responsibility:

  • Managing the Security Surveillance System 
  • Taking action against any security related incident and implementing remedial measures
  • Working in teams or Independently for extended periods of time
  • Handling access control system/instruments
  • Maintaining record of all reports/returns and occurrences.
  • To maintain record of the lost and found section.
  • To maintain all security related records and their timely processes.
  • Look after complete security shift deployed on campus.
  • Investigate cases as assigned by Senior Security Officer & Director General Admin & Services.

Note: Female candidates are encouraged to apply

Please mention "Officer - GA&S" in the email subject for your application to be considered.

  • Responsible for weapons & equipment inventory and their upkeep.
  • Proficient use of wireless set, including voice procedure.
  • Proficient in carrying out human body, vehicle and material check.
  • Ability to diffuse tense situations like affrays, brawls and fights.
  • Should have the ability to carry out systematic surveillance of his/her area of responsibility and preempt any security lapse.
  • Ability to use all kind of fire extinguishers.


  • Should be firm but courteous.
  • Should be brief and to the point
Bachelor’s degree from HEC recognized institute

Equipments such as electronic monitoring equipment or a security computer console would be preferred.

1-3 years
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Note: “We are an equal employment opportunity employer”