Web & Graphic Designer - Office of Academic Advising & Office of International Affairs -

Job Description

Monday, October 26, 2020

This is a joint position for Office of Academic Advising (AA) and Office of International Affairs (IA) at LUMS.

About Office of Academic Advising:

The Office of Academic Advising provides oversight over the domain of academic advising across all schools and programs at LUMS. There are five schools at the university, each offering programs in particular fields at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Academic advising is conducted by each of these schools/programs and involves faculty, specialized advising staff, and/or peer advisers. The central Office of Academic Advising works with the University’s Provost, school Deans, and program chairs to improve the quality of advising at LUMS. The office seeks to achieve this by identifying advising-needs, creating a policy framework/ organizational structure to meet these needs, and monitor implementation/ impact on an ongoing basis.

About Office of International Affairs:

The Office of International Affairs is responsible for coordinating, developing and expanding the scope of the University’s global footprint and international initiatives. The Office acts as a liaison between internal and international entities, facilitates international collaboration in line with global standards, and serves as the source of international opportunities, information and resources.

Primary responsibility:

  • Designing, formatting & editing of documents, handouts, memos, pamphlets, flyers, etc.
  • Assist with development of website (either by creating it in-house or by coordinating with an external partner from Information Systems Technology/IST)

Secondary responsibilities (desirable, but not essential):

Depending on expertise and prior experience, the following may also be considered: i) Making short videos for students or faculty; ii) Coordination with Information Systems and Technology dept (IST), Advancement & other campus partners for the design & development of online materials, smartphone app, etc.

Ensure the following in all design activities:

  • Design, layout & formatting that incorporates: i) visual appeal; ii) accessibility/ readability; iii) appropriate tone (based on content and target audience); and iv) consistent and professional output
  • Compliance with university’s design & branding guidelines

Other expectations:

  • Familiarity with website design, development and CMS (Content Management System)
  • Develop graphic designs (e.g. logos) for the office
  • Provide suggestions and ideas to improve existing design materials
  • Use various technologies and mediums to produce the best graphic works & content layout
  • Remain updated with new technologies and techniques related to graphic design
  • Maintain database of graphic designs as records for future reference
  • Report to senior management with updates on relevant projects
  • Manage and deliver graphic projects within established deadlines

Important note: This is not an exhaustive list; other responsibilities may be assigned, depending on the needs of the offices.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, Multimedia Studies, or a related field. Masters preferred


  • Essential: 1-3 years’ experience in graphics editing and design
  • Preferred: some familiarity with website design/development, video-editing, or app design/development

Skills & Attributes related to specialty

  • Thorough knowledge of graphic designing, layout, and creative visual elements
  • Ability to plan, coordinate, organize and supervise multiple projects simultaneously
  • Must have good design aesthetics (use of colors, playing with fonts, etc)
  • Ability to understand and use a variety of design software and digital media tools to produce graphic work (eg: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, - Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.)
  • Proficiency in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, GoogleDocs etc. and ability to execute design-features in these platforms
  • Preferred (but not essential): familiarity with websites, videos, and smartphone applications

General Professional Skills

  • Attention to detail to ensure error-free work
  • Ability to take initiative & problem-solve and propose solutions
  • Working autonomously, prioritizing tasks and delivering on deadlines
  • Willingness to learn and grow (both on one’s own and also through feedback from colleagues)
  • Team-work & coordination skills
  • Positive ‘can-do’ attitude and ability to thrive under pressure

Travel & Work Schedule:

  • May be required depending on departmental needs
  • Work hours may extend into the evenings and weekends to accommodate deadlines or events. During the Covid-19 situation, you may be allowed to work from home, which will require you to create a suitable work environment for yourself (internet connectivity, an environment that supports your productivity at home per your own preferences and working style, setting your own work-hours, etc.)

Application Procedure:

Please email your CV, a cover letter (which explains your interest in and suitability for the role) and your work portfolio links to: hrd@lums.edu.pk

Note: Please mention "Web & Graphic Designer - AA & AI" in the email subject for your application to be considered

Note: “We are an equal employment opportunity employer”