To become a world-class leader in Human Resource Management through:

  • Our commitment to reach excellence in providing reliable Human Resource services of consistent high quality to our employees.
  • Our passion towards learning and continuous improvement.
  • Our focus towards adopting global Human Resource best practices and technologies.



  • Become a valuable strategic partner for the University by aligning and integrating all service areas of Human Resource Management to the overall vision and mission of LUMS
  • Reinforce and promote LUMS leadership by our dedication to help it become an Employer of Choice for high quality academicians and professionals
  • Deliver most efficient and innovative Human Resource services to ensure development, enrichment and success of our people
  • Promote a culture of trust, tolerance, knowledge sharing and teamwork
  • Develop a professional environment founded on the principles of fairness, equity and mutual respect
  • Cherish excellence and shun mediocrity by creating a dynamic and challenging work environment
  • Inspire excellence through effective Human Resource practices
  • Use technology to have superior and efficient information management and service delivery