LUMS offers competitive remuneration packages to its academic and professional staff members.

Remuneration Philosophy

  1. Build a Culture of High Performance: Our remuneration framework is designed to increase the motivation level and productivity of the University's employees and ensures that the salary levels are commensurate to an individual's performance level
  2. Market Competitiveness: Compensation and benefits offered by the University are linked to the market levels so as to ensure that the University is able to compete for qualified academic and professional staff members in the job market, while being economically responsible
  3. Internal Equity: One of the basic principles of the compensation and benefits policy of LUMS is creating internal equity i.e. ensuring that all jobs of equal worth are rewarded equally. To ensure internal equity, the given level of pay for any job is corresponding with the level of effort and skills required to do the assigned job, the scope of responsibility assigned, and the extent of contribution of the assigned job towards forwarding the objectives and goals of the University

Salary Structure

The total salary package offered to an employee consists of a compensation part and various benefits. The compensation and benefits to be offered are communicated to the employee through the employment contract letter.

Pay Day

Salaries are disbursed to all employees on monthly basis on the last working day of the month.

Mode of Payment

The University prefers to remit salaries directly to the employee's bank account. For direct remittance, an employee is required to open a bank account in the banks designated by the University.