LUMS promotes a culture of merit and high performance, while focusing on employee development through on-the-job training as well as other professional development opportunities which include:

  • Personal and professional development courses at REDC and SEDC
  • In house customised training programmes by different trainers

Professional Career Track

The University's Career Development Planning process has been designed to encourage high performance and merit. Employee career life cycle at LUMS starts with an induction programme that is geared to prepare individuals to launch a career that revolves around professional development and growth. Employees at LUMS are continuously challenged to take up new responsibilities through formal training, collaborative peer assistance and knowledge sharing. The University's performance management system not only continuously monitors and maps skills, performance and knowledge of employees with job requirements, but also structures a path for their future advancement and progress.

Employees may join LUMS at an entry level as well as at senior levels, depending on their qualifications and available job opportunities. Employees, who exhibit exceptional abilities, have the opportunity to grow to senior levels within the organisation. Professional employees are given additional responsibilities as they are promoted. These responsibilities may include a combination of the following:

  • Increased portfolio of responsibilities such as managing another section or unit
  • Increased decision making authority involving more complex matters and having greater impact on the organisation
  • Increased accountability involving more challenging goals and demanding deliverables
  • Increased resource management responsibility e.g. managing a larger team or a larger budget
  • Increased internal and external coordination

Promotion Philosophy at LUMS

The University's promotion philosophy is based on the principles of merit and high performance, and potential of employees to assume increased responsibility. Human Resource Department at LUMS supports professional development of people and is actively involved in their career development and planning.