The LUMS campus covers an area of 100 acres and is home to over 2500 student residents and 200 faculty residents and their families. During the semesters, the population swells up to 6000+ people including day scholars, staff, faculty who reside off campus, and visitors. The campus offers all the facilities and amenities of a world class university, including sports, dining, medical and accommodation facilties. Below are some of these facilities.

Syed Maratab Ali Sports Complex

In an effort to tend to the physical well-being of individuals at LUMS, the university offers an extensive range of modern sports facilities to its students, faculty, staff and alumni. The Syed Maratab Ali Sports Complex at LUMS offers the ideal environment to carry out numerous sporting activities like tennis, squash, gym, football, volleyball, cricket, basketball etc.

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Dining Centre and Restaurants

The Pepsi Dining Centre (PDC), which covers an area of 14,000 sq ft., offers a diverse range of food for meals and snacks at very reasonable prices. The first floor of the PDC accommodates food outlets from popular cafes from across the city. In addition to the PDC, several high street restaurant outlets are spread throughout campus, offering desi cuisine, fast food, coffee and cakes, desserts, juices and healthy options.

Supermarket and Khokha

The LUMS Super Store provides easy access to daily provisions including toiletries, hot and cold snacks, healthy foods, and medicines. The Khokha, which is very popular with students, is open 24/7 and also offers basic conveniences, packed food and snacks.

Medical Centre and Pharmacy

LUMS has a 4-bed medical center, which it runs in collaboration with National Hospital, Lahore. The Centre is open 24/7 and equipped for emergencies and triage, with more serious cases being shifted to National Hostpital. A pharmacy offering both over-the-counter and prescription medicines is also open during daylight hours on campus.

Bank and ATMs

There is a fully functional branch of Allied Bank (ABL) on campus, offering all the facilities offered by high street branches. In addition to the two ABL ATMs, there are two ATMs from MCB and Askari Bank on campus as well.


The campus also has a beautifully designed, community mosque which is open 24 hours a day. Daily sermons are delivered in both Arabic and Urdu. The spacious mosque offers separate prayer facilities for men and women.

Rausing Executive Development Centre (REDC) Rooms and Guests Rooms

REDC is a pioneer in executive education in Pakistan. In addition, it offers a 50 room hotel which can be used by employees and their guests (subject to necessary approvals). The room rates are much more competitive than hotels and guest houses of similar standard across Lahore. LUMS also offers a Guest House and Guest Apartment, where employees and their guests may stay, subject to availability and approval. Rates are minimal.