Health Insurance - Overview

LUMS provides hospitalization cover to all its permanent employees, and additionally, an outpatient allowance to permanent employees except those who receive social security health benefits.

Hospitalization Cover

Upon joining, you and your immediate family (spouse and children, if applicable) will be enrolled in our hospitalization insurance coverage, and receive an insurance card within a few weeks. In case you need to be hospitalized, the insurance provider will pay your hospitalization charges either up front, or as a reimbursement, depending on whether the hospital is in their network or not. Terms, conditions and limit apply to the coverage. Your insurance card contains your insurance number and contact details of the insurance providers.

Outpatient Allowance

You will also be entitled to an outpatient allowance from your date of joining until the end of the current financial year. This is a fixed amount which you are entitled to and covers consultations, prescription medicines, diagnostic tests prescribed by your doctor, etc. Outpatient expenses incurred by your spouse and children (if applicable) and parents can be deducted from this allowance, subject to the insurer's approval. Typically, you will pay the charges up front, then submit the bill to the insurer (via their online portal) for reimbursement. Terms and conditions apply to what can and cannot be reimbursed / covered.

The amount of allowance you are entitled to depends on your rank at the University, and is renewed on July 1 every year. The allowance for your rank may vary from year to year, depending on the University's budgetary decisions. If you use up all your allowance before June 30, you must wait until July 1 to get it renewed.

Copies of your insurance policies will be provided in your HR Orientation Pack. For further information, you may email the HR Helpdesk at