I received my PhD degree from Friedrich Schiller University Germany with the thesis entitled, “Non-perturbative aspects of Yang-Mills-Higgs theory” using the method of lattice simulations. The work was mostly related to numerically extracting both the gauge variant and gauge invariant correlation functions in the considered quantum field theory in order to study various features of the theory and the associated Spectroscopy in the model. 

Prior to my PhD studies, I received my Masters in Physics from Lund University Sweden with a thesis with ATLAS group. I have also been part of a research group in Mathematical Physics Lund University Sweden for a research project.

My current research interests lie in Mathematical Physics and Theoretical Physics with a particular focus on numerical computations and simulations. Most of my research endeavors have been related to quantum field theories of scalar and bosonic fields, particularly using non-perturbative approaches, i.e. the methods of Dyson Schwinger Equations and lattice simulation, in order to explore different aspects of the models for a number of reasons. One of the most important reasons for such investigations is to explore the implications of the yet to be discovered additional scalar(s), which are expected in nature for various types of Physics, in an attempt to eventually calculate experimentally relevant quantities. These models are not only immensely interesting from the
perspective of particle physics phenomenology as well as cosmology, they also serve as foundation for future research in and beyond the Standard Model physics. 

Among the most interesting future research directions, as I currently anticipate, are to explore further extensions of the models, being currently studied, in and beyond the Standard Models, inclusion of fermions and gauge interactions, and to explore Physics involved in other areas inside theoretical physics which might not be directly related to phenomenology as is the case for the Standard Model. 

For my academic experience, I have taught at the University of Karachi Pakistan and Habib University Karachi Pakistan, while I have also been a teaching assistant during my PhD studies. 

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