I am an anthropologist focusing on questions of caste, religion, and the nation. My current research is a historical anthropological project on the relationship between caste, the Catholic Church, and the colonial state in Sri Lanka over the past two centuries. A further strand of this project aims, by drawing upon evidence and debates from across South Asia, to contribute to a renewal of the comparative study of caste alongside a reassessment of the influential Indian scholarship that has tended to dominate caste studies. Adjacent to these core topics, I am interested in linguistic questions that include language ideologies and second language acquisition, and I have recently published on the experience of learning Tamil through an anthropological lens. Before coming to LUMS I tutored on several anthropology courses at the universities of St Andrews and Edinburgh, and was also a casual lecturer at St Andrews. I completed my PhD in anthropology at University College London in 2020, following an MA in anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, also in London. Prior to that, I completed a BA in Russian and English at Trinity College Dublin.



  1. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH100)

  2. Introduction to Anthropology of Religion (ANTH268)

  3. Caste in South Asia and Beyond (ANTH483/HIST4202)


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