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Job Description

In northern areas, there is a high risk of glacial floods. For detection and prediction, we need to make floating sensor nodes that will float on water and help us in detecting these floods by measuring the properties of water e.g., temperature. His/her contribution as a research assistant will be problem analysis, solution research, hardware design & architecture, development, deployment, and testing.

Main Responsibilities

  • Development of floating sensor nodes. 
  • Sensors that can measure water properties will be integrated with a microcontroller and housed in a
  • waterproof body and thrown in the water.
  • Circuit designing.
  • Applicant must possess a solid foundation in the design and development of PCBs, sensor interfacing, and debugging hardware.
  • Conducting experiments in lakes/canals.
  • Build high-quality and highly reliable electronic hardware to meet the needs of a high-end solution.
  • Understands basics of open-source software/hardware paradigm. 

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Having sound knowledge and experience in microcontroller programming.
  • Understanding and experience of various wireless technologies like LORA, GSM/GPRS, and 3G/4G.
  • Hands-on experience of PCB/CAD designing tools like Proteus etc.
  • Prior field experience would also be preferred.
  • Hands on experience of working with Arduino/Esp32.

To qualify for the role, you must have:

  • BS or MS degree in electrical engineering, electronic engineering, mechatronics, or related field (must have completed it) from an HEC-recognized institution.
  • Experience in working on embedded projects as a course project or in industry. 
Application Instructions

Share updated resume and transcripts at mentioned email.

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