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The Microbial Genomics, group at Lahore University of Management Sciences Department of Life-Sciences is looking for an active self-motivated, responsible individual to fill a position of Genomics Scientist. Candidate is expected to have exceptional written and communication skills, should have at least 2 first author publications (could be from their PhD) in high impact factor journals and is able to work in a team environment.


A PhD in either Genetics or Bioinformatics with at least 2 years of work experience. Successful candidate should have experience in Bioinformatics analysis workflow for bacterial genomes, including, QC and adapter trimming, Mapping and variant calling, De novo assembly, genome annotation, variant effect prediction algorithms and phylogenetic analysis.

Duration of Contract: One year

Job description: 

The candidate will be required to perform the following.

  1.      Analyze genomic data

  2.      Develop Phylogenetic trees

  3.      AMR predictions

  4.      Serotype predictions

  5.      Recombinant identification

  6.      Lineage analysis and

  7.      Multi-locus sequence typing

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