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Profs. Alex Lee (Rochester) and Noaman G Ali (LUMS) are seeking a research assistant in or around Lahore for a historical political economy project concerning Punjab’s canal colonies. While the position is remote, you will have a 1-week training in Lahore, and there will be periodic meetings, so you should be easily available in the city as needed. You must have the ability to collaborate, as you will be working with and under the supervision of another research assistant.  Additionally, you should be able to read handwritten Urdu easily, possess your own laptop, and have excellent experience with Microsoft Excel and data entry.

How to Apply: 

To apply, you will have to submit an updated CV, a copy of your transcript from your higher education institution, and a customized cover letter that clearly indicates how you are qualified for this role. If you do not understand how to customize a cover letter, click on this link and read the instructions.

Note: If you fail to supply any of these documents, your application will not be considered.

Please send the documents to the below mentioned email address and mention “Historical political economy research assistant" in the subject line. 

Note: If you do not put this in the subject line, your application will not be considered.

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