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Skills Required:

  • Basic understanding of power electronic converters.
  • Familiarity with simulation tools like MATLAB and PLECS for power electronic converter simulation.
  • Proficiency in C programming for microcontroller.
  • PCB designing using Altium.
  • PCB manufacturing knowledge.

Job Description:

As a Research Assistant in Power Electronics, you will play a vital role in the design and testing of power electronic converters for electric vehicles and renewable energy applications. 

Your responsibilities include:

  • Designing power electronic converters tailored to specific requirements and validating their performance using PLECS/MATLAB simulations.
  • Creating PCB schematics and layouts with a focus on reducing converter size through efficient PCB layout techniques.
  • Proficiency in Altium is essential to meet this objective.
  • Populating PCBs with electronic components and addressing any debugging issues that arise.
  • Implementing closed-loop control systems for power converters in both simulation and hardware.
  • Programming microcontrollers to achieve the desired converter operation.
  • Conducting high-power testing of power converters.
  • Proposing and implementing modifications to enhance the performance of power electronic converters in hardware.
  • Designing and developing key components such as inductors and transformers used in power converters.
  • Visiting local markets to procure necessary electronic components for the project.
  • Maintaining systematic documentation to track measurement results and hardware-level design modifications.

    This position offers an excellent opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects in power electronics and contribute to the development of solutions for electric vehicles and renewable energy applications. If you have the required qualifications and skills, we encourage you to apply and join our dynamic team.

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