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Job Description
  • Issuance of material from the Procurement store to the PDC store.
  • Create PRs as per the requirement with the guidance of Manager F&B.
  • Collect, process, and document all store issue requisition (SIR) received from the procurement store, assisting with inventory activities as necessary.
  • Assist in receiving all raw materials/commodities from the procurement store as per the demand of kitchen and service staff.
  • Check all raw materials and commodities for expiry dates and damages.
  • Maintain stock levels by checking stock in hand against usage.
  • Maintain inventory for each raw material.
  • Check the quality of all material received from the procurement store with the help of the Manager F&B and cooking staff.
  • Ensure cleanliness & maintenance of the store.
  • Ensure and streamline procedures to avoid leakages/theft within the store, during and after the sale. 
  • Issue and distribute commodities and raw materials to kitchen and service staff as per the menu. 
  • Stock the materials in proper manner at the appropriate location code number-wise and category-wise.
  • Carry out periodical physical verification checks daily and asses the stock position.
  • Create purchase requisition for raw material from store issuance.
  • Receive the goods from the store and enter stock in the daily production report. 
  • During receiving of material from the store or vendor check the quantity and quality of the material. 
  • Issue the materials to the user department through store issue requisition (SIR).
  • Maintain the record for crockery and cutlery for departmental events. 
  • Verify the stock at the closing/opening daily before and after the sale.
  • Close liaison with the procurement department for timely purchases through mail.
  • All items and documentation need to be automated and counter verified by the manager F&B on a weekly basis. 

Knowledge & Skills

  • Knowledge of storekeeping and issuance.


  • Integrity 
  • Accountable 
  • Committed with high energy. 
  • Pleasant 
  • Team player 
  • Independent 


At least 1 year of relevant experience & a Bachelor's (2 years) degree in related field.

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