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About the office: The LUMS Office of Academic Advising & Student Success was created in 2020 to work alongside schools at LUMS to enhance and standardize student advising/support and ensure that all students have the guidance to make the most out of their LUMS experience.

Some of the office’s ongoing projects are viewable here.

About the Student Success domain: The Student Success domain serves to identify key gap areas within campus services and opportunities to develop appropriate programs/interventions that ultimately support various departments in enriching a student’s overall success at LUMS.

About the role: 

The role will require the selected candidate to: 

  • Supervise ongoing programs to ensure smooth operational management and conduct troubleshooting, as needed.
  • Organize events and oversee logistical implications (e.g. creating timelines, coordinating with stakeholders, evaluating the feedback process).
  • Manage student data, communication and interactions. 
  • Create content for the domain including marketing material and other resources, as needed.
  • Other tasks/projects may be added based on individuals’ interests, career plans and need for the department.
  • Some projects around review best practices and creating research memos.


  • Enhance your research and project management skills.
  • Other skill development to improve your professional skills (project management, self-regulation, stakeholder management, enhanced communication skills etc.).
  • Leading and supporting projects that will help the LUMS community (including students and staff) and educational communities beyond LUMS (students and staff from other institutions).
  • Opportunity to get letters of recommendations (given good performance in role) for graduate school and jobs.
  • Competitive salary

Applicants should be recent graduates of Bachelors in relevant degrees/areas (humanities/social sciences, education/educational management). Candidates are expected to come with strong research skills, excellent work-ethic (openness to constructive feedback and strong teamwork ability). Effective research and writing skills would be useful. Lastly, as the nature of the job is student-facing, strong communication skills and an empathetic attitude is encouraged.

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