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Job Description

Project title: Land reform and rural livelihoods

Overview of the role

This research project investigates a land right strengthening intervention currently being rolled out by the Government of Punjab. While the program aims to improve income, consumption, and poverty reduction for landowning households through secure land rights, concerns exist about potential negative impacts on less empowered members, particularly women. Given the lack of ex-ante clarity on intrahousehold effects, this study seeks to document and quantify these impacts within a pilot district. Findings will directly inform the design and potential refinement of the program's full-scale rollout.

We are looking for a Research Assistant to assist in managing stakeholder engagement, field work, data collection and analysis. The role is offered by MHRC at LUMS. You will directly report to Dr. Farah Said (LUMS). The rest of the research team is Dr. Ali Cheema (LUMS) and Dr. Sarah Khan (Yale).


  • Lead field operations: Manage all fieldwork activities in the pilot district of Sahiwal, Punjab.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Build and maintain relationships with government departments, private sector partners, and non-profit organizations involved in the project.
  • Data collection management: Design, pilot test, and conduct data collection exercises in collaboration with the research team.
  • Data access and management: Coordinate with government partners to obtain administrative data and troubleshoot data-related issues.
  • Data quality control: Supervise data cleaning and ensure accuracy, completeness, and quality of both survey and government-provided administrative data.
  • Data analysis support: Assist the research team with data analysis tasks.
  • Project administration: Manage project reporting, budgeting, financial tracking, and activity documentation.

Selection criteria

  • Education: Bachelor's or Master's degree in economics or a related field.
  • Data skills: Demonstrated proficiency in statistical software like Stata or R, or a willingness to learn quickly.
  • GIS experience (preferred): Knowledge and ability to use GIS for spatial analysis would be an advantage.
  • Travel commitment: Willingness and ability to travel frequently to the field for stakeholder meetings and respondent interviews.
  • Communication and writing: Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to prepare clear and concise reports.
  • Initiative and ownership: Demonstrated ability to take responsibility for tasks, manage projects independently, and show initiative.
  • Time management and teamwork: Strong ability to manage personal time effectively and work collaboratively within a team.
  • Technical and writing test: Shortlisted candidates may be required to complete a test to assess their technical and writing skills.
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