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A nurse is required to take care of the medical and psychological needs of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children. She is also needed to monitor health and hygiene checks, maintain medical records of the children, for the Centre’s staff training on healthy childcare, and examine and record vital signs on a daily basis.

Key Accountabilities

• Provide immediate care and first aid in case of Emergencies.
• Conduct training sessions for the Centre's staff on healthy children practices.
• Propose preventive measures to avert illnesses and endorse hygiene practices.
• Monitor and document vital signs.
• Create health plans tailored for the Centre.
• Maintain records of daycare-related data, attendance, and prescribed medications.
• Collaborate with the LUMS Medical Centre team for child examinations if required.
• Supervise the daycare nursing room.

Knowledge and Skills

Diploma in General Nursing
Excellent communication skills to engage with the parents.
Proficient in Data management and Computerized record keeping.


Patience, empathy, sensitivity and, compassion


To qualify for this position candidate must have 3 or more year of nursing experience (Preferably in PEADS)
She must hold a diploma of General Nursing Program (Approved by PNC) or 4 years of Nursing degree from HEC recognized University. 

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