National History Museum - 2024

National History Museum - 2024

May 25, 2024

We took a tour of our staff and faculty to the National History Museum, offering a fascinating glimpse into our nation's history. The museum featured a variety of exhibits that enriched our understanding of cultural and historical developments. These exhibits ranged from ancient artefacts to interactive displays, each revealing unique insights into different epochs and aspects of human civilisation. Guided by knowledgeable museum staff, our group explored these exhibits, uncovering the rich and diverse stories behind them.

One of the highlights was a poignant film depicting the arduous train journeys during the partition of India and Pakistan. This film showcased the harrowing experiences and resilience of people who travelled between the two countries, capturing the essence of a tumultuous period in history.

As we watched, we saw historical photographs and footage that brought to life the challenges faced by those who endured these journeys. The images and stories highlighted the personal struggles and communal strife of the era, providing a vivid reminder of the past.

Moreover, this visit fostered a sense of team bonding among us. As we delved into history together, we engaged in meaningful discussions, shared our reflections, and connected over our shared heritage. This collective experience not only enriched our knowledge but also strengthened our professional relationships, highlighting the value of learning and growing together outside the workplace.

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